Darknet Diaries

True stories from the dark side of the internet

Do you feel safe on the internet? I'm a web developer myself, so I know a little bit about how fragile everything can be when online.

Let me tell you: even though I thought I knew how unsafe of a place the internet is, it turned out I was still very naive. Darknet Diaries is a podcast dedicated to sharing true stories about the dark side of the internet. It tells about script kiddies and hackers, social engineers and true criminals.

Now you don't need to be an "IT person" to be able to enjoy this podcast: Jack Rhysider, the host, does an amazing job to explain what everything is about, also for non-techies.

Being a one-man show, Darknet Diaries is worth the title "success". Jack was able to quit his job and work on the podcast fulltime, something many podcast creators can only dream about.

And Jack is worth his money: Darknet Diaries is a high quality podcast. Now, I think of myself as rather critical when listening to podcasts; I'm always on the lookout for ways episodes could be better presented or edited. And while of course nothing is perfect, I think it's fair to say that Darknet Diaries reaches a very high standard when it comes to overall podcast quality. It is a genuine pleasure to listen to.

Besides technical quality, the content is very enjoyable, and often astonishing. I said it before: this podcast had me learn how naive I was when it comes to the "safety of the internet". I was more than once baffled by the stories Jack shares with us.

Darknet Diaries might be a little too technical for some people, though you definitely don't need to be a professional technologist to be able to enjoy this wonderfully, high quality podcast.

It's a definite recommend from me, go listen to Darknet Diaries!

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